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Equity release for pensioners

Benefits for the elderly

After a lifetime of study and work, the elderly people are both rewarded and protected by a series of measures many goverments implement in a regular basis. Retirement pensions are the most common scheme in these cases, but it isn’t uncommon that aged people are also provided with other benefits including lower health costs, special insurances, and other sorts of monetary aids or special pricing regimes. 

The idea behind these aids is that the elderly have more needs than young people, in aspects like health, transportation and accessibility. In some cases, these measures also aim to compensate the insufficient payments from retirement schemes.  Read More...

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Our clients are satisfied with their new lives!

Amanda Grayson

"I was a little uncomfortable with my husband's idea to release our equity, but Nat Pension Con was exactly what I needed to see that it was all right. And it was a great decision to do this. Our lives have never been the same ever since."

Stephen Lewis

"We used the services of Nat Pension Con as part of a refinancing scheme. It was a great decision. It has opened many doors for us, and we even got some extra cash for home renovations. I have nothing to complain about."

Diana Lloyd

"The agents of Nat Pension Con were so kind and attentive to us. They explained all we needed to know and I never got the feeling that they were trying to scam us. Just pure professionalism and integrity. And that is hard to find when it comes to money."

Our clients are satisfied with their new lives!