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Equity release tips for the financially savvy

Anyone who is looking at equity release as something that can make them successful should definitely consider the wide range of top tips that come in the industry. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about how to make equity release work well for you.

A release of equity can be chosen by a wide range of people over the age of 55, and they are particularly good for people who are financially savvy. The top tips that people should follow when choosing equity release include-

Decide why you need it now: One of the most important aspects of equity release is the idea that it is needed after the age of 55 to give a tax-free boost to people. If you need it to fit your current lifestyle, you should consider assessing how your lifestyle will change once you get equity release.

Find an accountant or financial adviser: While many of us are aspiring financial accountants full of knowledge, there is a lot to be gleaned by actually having an accountant or financial adviser who can help you every step of the way if you actually wish for a in the short term. Moreover, this means that you will understand how to use the tax-free sum and you can assess how you to invest the money as well if that is what you want. Accountants and financial advisers have a responsibility to put your needs as their clients above their own which is perfect if you are looking for equity release advice that works in your favour.

Look at the long term effects of equity release: A release of equity should always be seen as a long term solution to financial liquidity. You should look at how you want equity release to work for you - is it so that you can fund your dream trips in your late 50s or do you want to give a financial platform that you can share with your children? When you know the answer to these questions, you can assess whether the short term features or long term benefits of equity release are more important to you.

Evaluating Equity Release Plans

If you want to secure money in your retired life, then one of the best ways to do this is with an equity release mortgage. What happens in retirement is that many people get a limited amount of money from their pension plans, which makes it virtually impossible to live a comfortable lifestyle. The other factor that is largely affecting pensions today is the increase in commodity prices and basic goods. Senior citizens, therefore, have to find an alternative way of earning additional income, and this is where equity release potentially becomes very helpful.

On the other hand, it is imperative that you compare equity release criteria from the different schemes available before you settle on any. With websites setting up such as, you can now analyze interest rates and deals available. It is also possible for one to check the amount of money that is available for them as they compare equity release using an equity release calculator often availed on the website.

Most of the companies offering this service have a web-based calculator that one can use and get a rough idea of the amount of money that they will be getting, and the final figure will depend on one’s age and health. One can compare the maximum amounts available for them using different rates, and even compare the interest rates from different companies.

Some of the better quality equity release comparison sites, even list the individual provider’s details including the basics of their plans such as interest rate, special offers & plan criteria. These web-based sites offer the consumer better search based information and enable the over 55’s to schemes themselves before even needing to approach their selected adviser. When you want to know the details of the various companies that offer equity release, the best place to search is on the internet and where one should compare different schemes, and different rates with the calculators availed. The other critical thing to consider is the company’s credibility such as being registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) & being a member of ERC (Equity Release Council - formally SHIP)another factor could be their reliability depending on the number of years that they have been in business. You can also compare companies with the intention of finding the one that offers the highest returns from your home.

The beauty with equity release schemes is that one does not have to leave the comfort of their home in order to release equity from it, and they continue to stay in the home for as long as they live. This definitely makes one feel secure especially when they are retired. For a senior citizen, the ability to live in their home even in old age is of sentimental value and cannot be overlooked.

Drawdown Equity Release Schemes for Project Building

One of the most significant moments that most people will experience is retirement. This is because this is a moment in time when a person will usually not be working anymore. However, for a person to be able to enjoy their years after retirement, they need to have saved up sensibly over their working years, so that they may not be a burden to other people.

But what if insufficient provision has been made & once retirement has reached a shortfall in income exists? Afterall, there are still home maintenance issues to tend with and ensuring the upkeep of one’s property is carried out in order to preserve its value & thereby your ultimate inheritance. However, maintenance & property upgrades come at a price, a price which equates to pounds, shillings & pence.

Therefore, there are times when a person has not saved enough, which has now resulted in a pension income shortfall. Subsequently, if such a person is looking for funding, or loans, one of the best ways that they can work out the maximum benefit they are eligible for then they require the use of a which provides the calculation to provide flexibility in making up the shortfall required. In fact, drawdown lifetime mortgages are one of the most popular ways through which people who have reached retirement age can be able to secure extra funding.

When looking towards drawdown equity release schemes, it is important that someone has the right information so that they do not make a mistake. This is because while it is a great way to fund your retirement, it can also be advised in the wrong way. This can prove to be an expensive mistake over the long term. But this release of equity scheme has many benefits and the main one is that it is based on a flexible withdrawal basis. This means that you can be able to take money from the reserve facility that is usually set up at the beginning of the plan.

Your recommendation for the initial lump sum is usually calculated so that it can be able to cover the first 12 months of spending. After this, the funds that remain in the reserve facility can be taken in a specific or unplanned basis, or whenever the money is needed. So, if you wanted the funds to be used in home improvements, then the tradesman can be paid on a job by job basis, and not in one lump sum. This saves you interest over the longer term as you are only charged on the funds that are withdrawn, not those left in the reserve facility.

At the beginning of the equity release application process, a valuation or survey will be required. If the comments from the valuer state that any further repairs or reports are required, then they must be undertaken by the applicant, usually before the funds are released. Some of these home equity lenders will usually insist that a qualified tradesman is involved in the works involved so that they can make sure that quality work is carried out. Therefore, the drawdown equity release calculation is useful for this purpose in establishing exactly how much can be raised with the drawdown equity release schemes. They can be the saving grace for a retiree looking for funds to carry out any project in order to make necessary home improvements.

Can I get an online equity release quote?

Today, it is very hard for those in retirement to obtain a loan due to the fact that most of them do not have a fixed and stable source of income. In most cases, whatever income they do receive whether it is from a pension plan, annuity or some other form of retirement planning, it is sufficient to meet their daily needs. This makes it difficult for retirees to go on the dream vacation that they had always wanted to go on, to purchase their dream car, or to simply make necessary home improvements.

Retirees who are the proud owner of a property with a specific value do have one other option equity release. Equity release allows retired home owners to obtain a loan secured against their property. Some equity release schemes allow retired homeowners to sell a portion or all of their property.

One of the main advantages of equity release schemes is that retired homeowners are allowed to remain in their property for as long as they want even if they choose to sell a portion or all of their property. Another advantage is that no repayment is required during the lifetime of the homeowner. This applies to most equity release schemes. After the homeowner and his partner both die or move into a long-term caring facility, the property is sold and the equity release provider is repaid.

So how does one sign-up for an equity release scheme and is it possible to obtain an online equity release quote? It should be possible, right? Today, almost everything is sold online so obtaining online quotes is as common can be. This, however, does not apply to equity release quotes. Although it sounds simple, the service of obtaining an online equity release quote cannot be offered directly by any equity release broker or provider.

The reason for this is quite simple. Before an equity release application can be submitted, the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority requires advice on all equity release plans. So in order for you to be quoted on an equity release plan, you must receive advice from an independent equity release adviser regarding the different equity release schemes available. This ensures that all aspects of equity release schemes have been discussed, with the pros and cons explained to make the buyer beware.

Therefore, in order to obtain your, you must contact an intermediary such as Equity Release team whom with its team of qualified nationwide advisers can assess your needs & request the appropriate key illustrations for your perusal. Subject to the terms & conditions of the plan, they should allow you to decide whether this plan meets your liking, & if so can process your equity release application to completion.

Equity release is indeed a sensitive matter so the homeowner must receive sufficient information and advice on the different plans and the effects each one will have on his or her life before they are provided with an equity release quote for a specific equity release plan. The online equity release quote is not as the term suggests - available to download online, however a quote request can be made via this electronic delivery system.

Get True Value from your Investment

Having your own flat or house is a dream and later a goal that comes to mind of any adult person. You need you own living quarters to indulge in your hobbies, cuddle up with your loved ones to just live generally. But buying that space can turn out to be a costly undertaking throwing us towards the need to save up every penny and live more than frugally until our dream comes true.

Equity release plans allow you to get back some part of the price you paid for your accommodation. If you are not sure what that means and do not trust the establishments for calculating the best release plan, you should turn to an independent equity release adviser competent with the relevant qualifications.

This is the person who can make the transition of the money you paid for your residence that was once in your pocket or banking account now and you and your immediate family members get to keep the house or flat as long as they live!

You can be found in various ways, one notably is via the website, which allows you to search & find a local adviser based on your requirements. Therefore, if you’re looking for an equity release adviser in Bolton, Lancashire then usually Equity Release deal would come out top on the search results. The true worth of a competent equity release adviser is incalculable. Your adviser should select a scheme from the whole of the market which should be established during the consultation period. After careful consideration of your exact situation and the causes that you may need money for (these may be ranging from world travel or paying for your children’s college education), you can arrange the exact payment plan.

The money you get from an equity release deal is the finances that had always been yours that you are free to spend now again as an opposite to common mortgages that are basically equal to credit deals where you present your housing property as a guarantee for credit payment. While credit deals usually have an air of uncertainty and even debt about them equity release is a good and secure way to boost your finances.

There are different ways to operate the money you get through the equity release deals. You may get the whole sum at once and deposit it into a bank. You may receive monthly payments or you can resort to equity release fund in emergency cases keeping it as a safeguard measure for your family finances. In any case, you are definitely not losing anything with an equity release deal that your independent equity release adviser wouldn’t tell you!

Why property owners should request an equity release guide

Equity release is one of the most popular trends in the property market in the UK, and its boom in recent years has shown no signs of slowing down. The standard definition of equity release for someone over the age of 55 to be able to release cash from a property that you own, whether that is a family home such as the main residence, or holiday home. You must have little or no mortgage on the property in order to qualify for equity release & if there is, it must be repaid upon completion of the equity release scheme.

In order to make the initial research into equity release schemes, you should engage with an which has plenty of information on offer to help everyone learn about the benefits and advantages of equity release. Take a look at how equity release schemes work below and whether it can fit into your lifestyle as you get older:

So for an equity release free guide to be found, you need to source the range of equity release websites on the internet. However, always be careful that the equity release free guide isn’t an equity release brokers trick to capture your personal information. You can either request the details by downloading an equity release guide or the better companies can post an equity release free guide to your home address.

Additionally, the Equity Release Council has a directory of eligible equity release brokerages which are members of this trade body representing the equity release lenders, advisers & legal firms and usually these firms have a free guide of their own. Being impartial they can send you free information or have a website that also offers subject matter on equity release schemes which is a useful guide in itself. Alternatively, call them on to request your free guide to equity release.

Equity release to build Financial portfolio

The best way to understand what equity release is all about is by looking at it as a way of providing financial liquidity. If the credit crunch crisis of 2008 taught us anything is that while fashionable investments may always come and go, cash is definitely king. Without cash, you cannot do all the things that you want to do in your life because you do not have an immediate way of paying for your lifestyle. This is where the phrase, asset-rich, cash-poor derives from.

The can be read so that you can get all the latest news and tips about the equity release market. In previous years, the Council of Mortgage Lenders found that the equity release market that includes lifetime mortgages was worth over $6bn. If you are curious about what equity release can do for you, it is important to read equity release material such as blogs and reports. Here are the benefits that blogs give you:

A Brief History on the Growth of Equity Release

In 1965, the first equity release plan was introduced in Britain, which at that time had approximately 9.7 million people who were above 60 years of age. Retirees needed a simple way to obtain money to fund their daily expenses & provide a better lifestyle. Back then, equity release schemes were mostly utilized by homeowners who owned large and rich houses but were lacking in cash. They did not have a steady income stream and the plans were financially unstable.

Equity release has grown over the years into one of the largest industries for the retired population. Its growth brought along an entire industry of tools and marketing ideas to help homeowners. The age demographics has since changed & equity release now starts from the age of 55. Previously, the proceeds from were used for daily essentials, but today the proceeds of equity release are used to improve the lifestyle of homeowners. Equity release is used to fund vacations, dream cars, repay outstanding debt matters and home improvements. Equity release is now also beneficial to homeowners with deteriorating health. They can use the extra money these enhenced equity release schemes raise to pay to be cared for at home instead of having to move to a care home.

One of the most important tools that equity release introduced that is of great help to homeowners today is equity release calculators. Equity release calculators were first introduced over three years ago by the innovative Equity Release Supermarket website. This site has to lead the way in advising clients easily and for free, on how much equity they can release from their property.

Today, equity release calculators can be found on the websites of almost all equity release providers. Most equity release calculators are configured in such a way that they are able to provide information on almost any type of equity release scheme available. Before using equity release calculators, homeowners are advised to verify the current value of their home. Without a proper property valuation, equity release calculators will not be able to determine how much homeowners can borrow. In order to determine the current value of their property, homeowners need to subtract the balance of any outstanding loans from the current appraised value of the property.

Equity release calculators have proven to be quite a valuable equity release tool. They are free and they provide home owners with the information they can used to choose the right equity release plan

Assessing your ability to pay for Long Term Care

There are so many tips and procedures that are needed to ensure that you find the perfect long term care provider for your elderly mum or dad. There is usually much confusion and stress that comes with making the decision as to whether care at home will be the best option for you or not, however; the good news is that there are long term care advisers you can contact to advise you as to what will work best.

Every good long term care adviser will make sure you understand the cost that involves hiring a home care provider. Also, before you can it will be best if you use the internet more for your search. Being able to pay for care in your home can be quite stressful especially now that the economy is quite unstable however; if you have a long term care insurance plan, there is a lot less for your worry about financially.

There are so many people that do not know how home care payment are made and also whether they can plan ahead for it. A registered care provider is the best way of ensuring that you or your mum and dad are safe. However; there are stages by which these care providers are assessed by the Care Quality Commission. Care providers would be fully trained in all aspects of the care they will administer such as medications and handling.

Not all care providers are registered with the Care Quality Commission. Some care may be provided by informal carers such as friends or family or even a partner, however, you need to arrange professional care you can visit the Care Quality Commission website who will be able to provide you with the registered care providers in your area and any inspection reports that they have carried out. Provision of care in your own home is very expensive and if you had the same care provided within a residential care home the equivalent cost would be much less.

The average amount that care in your home will cost is between £12.50 - £20 per hour which should give you an idea as to why you need to seek special financial advice so that you can cope with the financial stress of organising care and assist you with trying to preserve your wealth. Adequate financial planning is the only way out to ensure that you are not left broke.

Costs of Care for the Elderly in Their Own Home

Care of the elderly can take on many forms. It can be provided in a secure environment such as a residential care home or nursing home or in many cases a person may choose to have their care provided in the comfort of their own home. Specialist care providers exist that can tailor a care plan to meet the for individuals needs and adapt that care plan as care needs change.

Providers of home care are registered with the Care Quality Commission in England and Wales. The Care Quality Commission regulates the companies providing care services. They have specific criteria to meet on registration and will receive regular checks to ensure that they are maintaining standards. You are able to review the care providers report on the Care Quality Commission website.

In addition to this regulation, the national professional association for organizations who provide care for people in their own homes is UKHCA (United Kingdom Homecare Association) They have a vision where a choice of high quality, sustainable community-based care is available to all.

There are many reasons why someone may require help in their own home:

When care is provided in the individuals own home there may be issues surrounding funding as the home may be their main asset. Funds can be released from the property in the form of an Equity Release scheme. It is advisable therefore to seek specialist financial advice to discuss their care funding options and help with the funding of long term care issues.

As equity release is a specialist subject and care with advice must always be sought, then you should approach a reputable equity release UK company such as Equity Release Supermarket who not only advise on equity release schemes but also have an in-house SOLLA accredited adviser. A SOLLA accredited adviser has been checked & authorized by the recognized trade body to be competent enough to provide advice on long term care planning. They can be contacted to discuss how both equity release and long term care can work in conjunction with one another.

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  • A Lifetime Mortgage for Retirement
  • Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage Inheritance Protection
  • Understanding a Lifetime Mortgage or also known as a Reverse Mortgage
  • All Lifetime Mortgages Explained
  • Releasing Equity for Mobility with Lifetime Mortgages
  • The Definition and Types of Lifetime Mortgages
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  • Dont Be Afraid to Ask a Question about Your Lifetime Mortgage!
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  • Legal and General Equity Release
  • Equity Release Advice
  • Lifetime Mortgage
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  • Home Equity Release
  • Nationwide Equity Release
  • Releasing equity from your home
  • Age Concern - Equity Release
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  • Equity Release Funding
  • Elderly Care Costs
  • Equity Release Finance
  • Lifetime Mortgage

    Lifetime Mortgage

    Home Equity Release

    Home Equity Release

    Nationwide Equity Release

    Nationwide Equity Release

    Releasing Equity From Your Home

    Releasing Equity From Your Home

    Age Concern   Equity Release

    Age Concern Equity Release

    Equity Release Explained

    Equity Release Explained

    Key Advice Equity Release

    Key Advice Equity Release

    Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage

    Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage

    Lifetime Mortgage Providers

    Lifetime Mortgage Providers

    More To Life Equity Release

    More To Life Equity Release

    Lifetime Mortgage Explained

    Lifetime Mortgage Explained

    Maximum Equity Release

    Maximum Equity Release


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